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  • At the Speed of Trust – Part 1

    Cara Priestley

    December 9, 2014

    We hear a lot about the five conditions of collective impact (CI); however, the more I’m exposed to CI work the more I realize CI is as much about the intangible elements as it is about process, rigor, and outcomes. The beauty of collective impact is watching a diverse set of stakeholders, who may be previously unknown to one another, break bread at the same table – they share successes, failures, hopes and dreams for their community (however they define it). The way people work together and the relationships they build with one another are critical to success. Lack of trust can derail the best intentioned CI efforts and stop forward progress in its tracks.
  • Relearning the Two-Step of Conversation and Meeting

    Ted Lord

    November 6, 2014

    Paul Schmitz’s recent essay makes a strong case that “collective impact efforts must be as rigorous about culture as they are about data and strategy.” His five recommended practices—collaboration; inclusion; community engagement, continuous learning; integrity—all seem related to my observation that conversation is the missing secret sauce in forging community-based sustainable change.