How to Integrate Continuous Learning into Collective Impact


While many leaders understand the importance of continuous learning, more could be done to help funders, backbone leaders, and other community partners integrate continuous learning into their collective impact initiatives.

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About this Webinar

This webinar will explore how to develop learning priorities that are co-created and agreed upon, learning plans that determine the set of processes and activities required to create a continuous cycle of dialogue and reflection, and a learning culture that allows for openness, trust, and risk-taking.

Webinar attendees will explore how to facilitate learning conversations and will hear from a place-based funder about how they modeled learning processes with their collective impact partners.

Webinar Panelists:

    Efrain Gutierrez – FSG
    Hallie Preskill – FSG
    Shiloh Turner – Greater Cincinnati Foundation

About the Speakers

Efrain Gutierrez

Efrain Gutierrez is an associate director at FSG. Efrain helps clients use evaluation as a tool for learning and strategic refinement.

Currently, Efrain is working with a national foundation in an ongoing evaluation for a cross-community effort to increase college attainment among Latinos in the U.S. He is also helping an influential health organization learn about the ways in which their strategic plan is being implemented and suggesting refinements to their strategy moving forward. Efrain develops conference sessions, blogs posts, and webinars that increase evaluators’ cultural competency when working with the Latino and the LGBTQ communities.

Prior to joining FSG, Efrain conducted field research and evaluation in Central America for the Seattle International Foundation. Efrain also worked for the Department of State, where he implemented a performance measurement system for the visa section of the U.S. Consulate in Guadalajara, Mexico. During graduate school, he conducted research on evaluation best practices for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Hallie Preskill

Hallie Preskill is managing director at FSG and leads the firm’s Strategic Evaluation team. The team provides evaluation expertise over a wide range of topic areas, including healthcare, economic development, youth and education, substance abuse prevention and treatment, community engagement, and human rights.

Hallie guides clients on planning and conducting evaluations, developing strategic learning and evaluation systems, building shared measurement systems, building evaluation capacity, and facilitating organizational learning. She develops tools, resources, guides, articles, and books that help the field grow and learn how to do more relevant, credible, and useful strategic evaluations.

Prior to joining FSG in 2009, Hallie held academic positions at three different universities, where she taught courses in program evaluation, organizational learning, appreciative inquiry, consulting, and training. She received the American Evaluation Association’s Alva and Gunnar Myrdal Award for Outstanding Professional Practice in 2002 and the University of Illinois Distinguished Alumni Award in 2004. In 2007, she served as President of the American Evaluation Association.

Shiloh Turner

Shiloh Turner is the former Vice President for Community Investment at The Greater Cincinnati Foundation, where she was responsible for all facets of the Foundation’s charitable investment in its eight-county service area, including community leadership initiatives and grantmaking partnerships.

Shiloh has experience developing policies and programs that effectively evaluate and address community needs, promote responsible philanthropy, and facilitate positive community change. She spent two years at The Erie Community Foundation as vice president and 10 years as the Director of Health Data Improvement at Interact For Health, formerly known as The Health Foundation of Greater Cincinnati.

Shiloh has been honored with numerous awards including Philanthropy Ohio’s 2014 Innovation Award, the “Top Ten Women in Nonprofits” by Women’s Business Cincinnati in 2007, the Ohio Program Evaluator’s Group Outstanding Evaluator of the Year in 2006, and the Wilmer Shields Rich Award from the Council on Foundations. She has authored several peer-review publications and was a recent contributor to the Stanford Social Innovation Review. Shiloh currently serves on the board of the Health Policy Institute of Ohio.

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