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Are you early in designing and implementing your collective impact work and looking for guidance and resources?

This fall, the Collective Impact Forum is launching “Essentials for Collective Impact,” an online four-workshop series. Attendees can choose to join the full series of four workshops or register for single workshops within the series.

This series focuses on supporting those early in their collective impact work by providing workshops focused on four key areas, one key area per workshop, that are critical when implementing the collective impact approach for social change.

Each workshop consists of a 3.5 hour virtual session plus a 1 hour virtual Faculty Office Hour.

Essentials of Collective Impact at a Glance

The series runs from September through October, and you can choose to register for all four workshops, or the single topics that most interest you.

  1. An Introduction to Collective Impact and the Backbone Role (Sept. 13, Sept. 16)
  2. Advancing Equity in Collective Impact (Sept. 29-30)
  3. Community Engagement in Collective Impact (Oct. 13-14)
  4. Data and Learning in Collective Impact (Oct. 24, Oct. 28)

Register for this Series

Full Series and Single Workshop Options

Attendees can register for the full series pass and join all four online workshops, or register for an individual workshop on a specific topic. Each workshop is paired also with a “faculty office hour,” during which attendees can engage with faculty in deeper Q&A on the workshop’s topic.

Visit our registration site to sign-up.

Who is Essentials for Collective Impact designed for?

The Essentials for Collective Impact series is designed specifically for those in the beginning/early stages of their collective impact work, or who are seeking a refresher on the workshop topics.

Registration Details

Workshop Rates: The full series pass costs $595. Individual topic workshops cost $175 each. Visit our registration site to join a workshop or the full series.

Group Rates: For groups of 10 or more people who are interested in joining the full series of all four workshops, there is a 10% discount. Please contact Christopher Pulido, for information about this discounted rate. Group rates are not available for single workshops.

Scholarships: A limited number of reduced-price registration scholarships are available for the full series. This scholarship reduces a full series registration from $595 to $100. To apply for a reduced-price scholarship, please fill out this form by Friday, August 19. Awardees will be notified if they are selected for a scholarship by August 26.

Cancellations and Refunds: Refunds are available, minus a 10% processing fee, as long as registrants contact us in writing ahead of the cancellation deadline. Please see our FAQ below for cancellation deadlines for the full series and single workshops.

Have More Questions? Please see our FAQ below. If your question is not addressed in our FAQ, please reach out to Tracy Timmons-Gray at:

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for a workshop? Please visit our registration site to join the full series or a single workshop.

Is this workshop series in-person or online? This is an online learning series. We will be using Zoom Meeting for all sessions.

What will each workshop entail? Each 3.5 hour workshop will include a mix of presentation, Q&A, and small group discussions. There will be a short break planned during each workshop.

What does a Faculty Office Hour entail? This is an hour of open Q&A with the workshop faculty and attendees, focused on the topic of the workshop.

What accessibility practices will Essentials be using? We will have Zoom auto-captions on for each workshop and office hour. In the days ahead of the workshop, we will send out copies of any workshop presentation or handouts. After the workshop, we will share recordings of the workshop presentation, participant Q&A, and faculty office hour.

Who Is Essentials for Collective Impact designed for? The Essentials for Collective Impact series is designed specifically for those in the beginning/early stages of their collective impact work. If you are preparing to launch a collaborative or are in the first few years of your initiative, this series of workshops is specifically designed for you. It also can serve as a refresher on core concepts of the collective impact approach.

The series is structured by topic, so you can choose the full series or the specific topic that you are most interested in.

If I attended the Champions for Change workshop in prior years, should I join the Essentials series? The Essentials series has similar content to past Champions for Change workshops. If you have attended past Champions for Change workshops, we would recommend Essentials if you are looking for a refresher of that content, or as a new learning opportunity for your teammates or partners. If you are not looking for a refresher, but for a completely new learning experience, we recommend our annual Action Summit instead. The 2023 Action Summit will be held April 24-April 27, 2023.

What’s the difference between the Full Series and Single Workshop registration? If you are signing up for the full Essentials workshop series, you are signing up for all four workshops, including the faculty office hours that are part of each one. If you sign up for a single workshop in the series, you will be just registering for that specific workshop and related office hour.

Will workshops be recorded? The workshop presentations and faculty office hours will be recorded and shared after the workshop with those who registered. Breakout group discussions that occur during each workshop will not be recorded. Recordings will be shared within one week of the workshop.

Can my whole team sign-up with one registration? No. Each person will require their own registration as this is an active workshop where attendees will be broken up into small groups throughout the workshop time to discuss learning questions during the session.

Are there Group Rates available? Yes. If you have 10 or more people interested in registering for the complete Essentials series of all four workshops ($595), there is a 10% discount available. Please contact Christopher Pulido at to access this discount. Single workshops in the Essentials series do not have a group discount.

How do I cancel my registration and request a refund? All cancellation requests must be submitted in writing. Registered participants who decide to cancel their participation, in either the full workshop series or a single workshop, will receive a refund of their registration fee minus a 10% processing fee. The 10% fee covers non-recoupable administrative and credit card processing expenses associated with registration and event preparation.

All refund requests should be emailed to We are unable to process refunds after the refund deadlines detailed below.

Refund Cancellation Deadlines

Full Workshop Series: For a full four workshop series refund, requests for cancelations will be honored through September 9, 2022.

Single Workshop Refund Deadlines: If you registered for a single workshop, these are the refund deadlines. These are only for those who registered for a single workshop and not a full series pass.

  1. Introduction to Collective Impact and the Backbone Role: September 9, 2022
  2. Advancing Equity in Collective Impact: September 23, 2022
  3. Community Engagement for Collective Impact: October 7, 2022
  4. Data and Learning for Collective Impact: Oct. 19, 2022
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