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  • Animal Welfare Industry

    1 month 2 weeks ago

    Community Discussion|Other

    Are any of you working on initiatives in the Animal Welfare industry?

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  • "Moving Beyond Collective Impact?"

    1 month 3 weeks ago

    Community Discussion|Other

    Hello,  In reading arguments on how CI "gets it wrong", specifically an article titled "Collaborating for Equity and Justice: Moving Beyond Collective Impact", I am wondering how to best help our developing cross-sector team weigh the models and options for our work.  I would like us to continue with the CI framework and we have already stated Equity as a clear value that should guide us foreward...

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  • Question: Commerical Platform Products

    1 month 3 weeks ago

    Community Discussion|Health and Nutrition

    Our collective impact program focuses on reducing pre-diabetes in Rio Grande Valley, Texas. We are relatively new and begining the implementaion phase. Therefore in the process of evaluating and selecting platform products. Recently we had "Healthy Communities Initiave" domonstrate their platform. Is anyone familiar or using this product? I'm seeking: feedback on your experience of strengths...

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  • A Symposium That May Interest Those In Health

    2 months 4 days ago

    Community Discussion|Health and Nutrition

    Folks,  I wanted to let you know about a symposium that we're holding called 'Community Agency & Health'. It's being held in Oakland, CA, on May 15-16. The premise of the symposium, and our wider work, is that no attempt to improve a community's health will sustain if how it's delivered is not inclusive, participatory and responsive. Such an approach fosters community agency - the ability to...

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  • Share your thoughts in the CI Forum's member survey (and have a chance to win an ebook!)

    2 months 5 days ago

    Community Discussion|

    Hello, everyone! We have launched the Collective Impact Forum's annual member survey. We’d like to hear what you find most valuable through the Forum’s convenings, webinars, and online resources, and what additions you would find useful and could help support your collective impact work. Please take a few minutes to complete our survey. If you submit your response by February 10, you will be...

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