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19 hours 16 min ago
The Lehigh Valley Food Policy Council (LVFPC) is a community-wide initiative in Lehigh and Northampton Counties of Pennsylvania.  The LVFPC is using a collective impact model to focus on reducing food insecurity in the Lehigh Valley, improving t...
Chris Carlson
The notion of “neutrality” is sometimes used to describe one of the defining features of backbone leaders in collective impact, with phrases such as “perceived neutrality” or “neutral conveners” often coming up when describing the role. However, as t...
mel tremper
Congratulations for your longevity and progress toward your goals. I suspect that one reason you have survived is because you can show evidence of effectiveness. I highly recommend that you include youth in the planning/implementation of your i...

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Sharing what works and what doesn’t so everyone can get better, smarter, faster is what we’re all about. The Collective Impact Forum gives practitioners a place to connect with others who are using the collective impact approach. Join the community to learn from the challenges and successes of others, and to access information vital to advancing your work.

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