Job Opportunity - Vice President (Achieve Palm Beach County)

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Job Opportunity – Vice President (Achieve Palm Beach County)

Achieve Palm Beach County is a collective impact initiative including a broad group of over 170 community leaders from more than 40 partner organizations representing various sectors (e.g., the public school district, local government, nonprofit providers, funders, corporations, and civic and business organizations) focused on improving post-secondary education access and completion for Palm Beach County Students. 

With a strategic plan that serves as a blueprint for the work moving forward, the Achieve PBC partners have defined their vision - that every Palm Beach County high school graduate completes a post-secondary credential within six-years of high school graduation that prepares them for a meaningful career with a sustainable wage.  Further, they’ve defined their mission - as collectively ensuring an integrated and effective system of supports from middle school through post-secondary that empowers students for career success.

The initial focus of work for the partners is on 1) parent engagement and support, 2) post-secondary advising for high school students, 3) FAFSA completion, and 4) scholarships, non-financial, and other supports for post-secondary students.

Through funding from numerous organizations and foundations, Achieve PBC is now ready to hire an executive leader to oversee implementation of this work. 

This position is hosted at the United Way of Palm Beach County, and a position description is attached.

To submit an application for this position, please send resume, cover letter, and salary requirements to:

The deadline for applications is March 24, 2017.

Additional information on the initiative is available at

Seeking excellent candidates for Collective Impact to Prevent Preterm Births in SF: Program Manager & Program Associate positions in partnership with SFDPH and UCSF

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Dear Colleagues:  Please help us find excellent candidates for these two great positions that will lead multi-sector collective impact efforts to reduce disparities in preterm births in San Francisco. Collective impact efforts will promote the social and healthcare determinants of preconception, reproductive, and prenatal health.

Open:  February 2nd through March 6th, 2017

Public Health Foundation Enterprises, Inc. (PHFE) invites applications for the positions of one Program Manager and one Program Associate for an initiative led by UCSF and SFDPH, Collective Impact to Prevent Preterm Births in San Francisco.

In partnership with the California Preterm Birth Initiative (PTBi-CA) at UC San Francisco (UCSF), the San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH) is initiating a multi-year collective impact program to reduce disparities in preterm birth incidence in San Francisco.  Prematurity is a leading cause of infant mortality and childhood disability.  Addressing the social, economic, and racial disparities of reproductive health and preterm birth requires engaging institutions across sectors to partner with communities disproportionately affected by preterm birth. Collective Impact requires a shared system of measuring impact of policies and programs that promote health and well-being of women, screen for preterm birth risk factors, and ensure access to quality healthcare across the reproductive life course. The grant-funded positions include:
• Program Manager (PM) will lead the backbone organization to support this multi-sector initiative. [Salary: $88,000 – 97,000 /yr]  Link: PM:

• Program Associate (PA) will support the Program Manager and Leadership Team, and coordinate administrative and project activities of this multi-sector initiative.  [Salary: $58,000 – 68,000 /yr] Link: PA:

This is a grant-funded and benefitted position.  Employee is provided by PHFE.

Candidates should have strong experience and interest in:
• Preconception, reproductive, and pregnancy health.
• Communities disparately affected by birth outcomes, particularly African American communities, Medi-Cal patient populations, low-income immigrants, etc.

Other notes:
The positions will be primarily based and working closely with Maternal Child & Adolescent Health staff at the San Francisco Department of Public Health.   Occasional work-related activities will be located at UC San Francisco with UCSF faculty and staff at the Mission Bay campus.

Generously funded by Marc and Lynne Benioff, PTBi-CA focuses on those at highest risk of preterm birth — women of color and lower income — within three communities: San Francisco, Oakland, and Fresno.  The generous funding from the Benioffs for the two Collective Impact positions in San Francisco have been matched by federal and state grants through California Department of Public Health and the San Francisco Department of Public Health.