Looking for potential speakers for CI training in Connecticut, US

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Hi, I am working for a backbone organization that is considering bringing in a speaker to train our project partners in collective impact. Nothing is definite right now, but I thought this may be a good place to start if anyone has any recommendations for speakers in or near Connecticut. 

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RFP - Flint & Genesee Literacy Network 2018 Strategic Planning Cycle

The Flint & Genesee Literacy Network is undertaking a new strategic planning cycle in 2018. The last three years have been spent on strengthening infrastructure, onboarding new staff and steering committee members, and positioning FGLN’s existing collaborative efforts for community-level scale. In February, 2018, FGLN partners, staff, and steering committee members participated in a series of facilitated conversations to articulate components that are important to FGLN’s strategic plan--Please see attached RFP for a full summation of those conversations and desired outcomes of FGLN's 2018 strategic planning cycle.

Those interested in responding to this RFP are free to contact Ja’Nel Jamerson, Executive Director of the Flint & Genesee Literacy Network, to more fully discuss the RFP: janel.jamerson@mcc.edu | 810-232-2001.

Resources for Collective Impact Coaching and Technical Assistance

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Do you need support building your capacity or your partners’ capacity to effectively plan and implement collective impact? Are you looking for help making the case to funders and partners about the impact of collective impact? If so, the Collective Impact Forum and several of our national field-building partners are available to provide collective impact coaching and technical assistance for you and your collective impact partners.

The corresponding PDF document (see link) provides more detail on several organization’s collective impact coaching and technical assistance offerings, qualifications, resources, and contact information. This compilation of collective impact technical assistance providers is not meant to be an exhaustive list of coaching resources. We are only listing organizations that have a multi-year partnership with the Collective Impact Forum, such as a co-catalyst or an organization that has co-partnered on multiple field-building projects with the Collective Impact Forum.

Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Robert Albright, Director of Programs, Collective Impact Forum

Building a Culture of Collaboration - Collective Impact Summit 2017

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More than ever, we need spaces where diverse perspectives can unite, engage in productive dialogue, and collectively act to solve the complex social issues we face. It is time to offer a more compelling story. A story that challenges the conventional approaches, pushes beyond deep divisions, and doesn't accept fractured communities as the cultural norm. It is time for a story that brings people together on common ground, unifying our diverse identities in terms of race, class, gender and sexuality, religion, geography, political viewpoint, and so much more. A story which, most importantly, leads toward real progress in the quality of life for all of us, especially for those whose well-being is most threatened.

This is why partners from across the U.S. and North America are coming together in Denver for the Collective Impact Summit on November 29 & 30. Join together with The Civic Canopy to bring together nonprofit, business, government, philanthropic partners and community members from across Colorado and beyond to build skills and knowledge around what it takes to ensure healthy, thriving communities. Learn more and register: www.civiccanopy.org/summit.

Curious or want to know more? Email summit@civiccanopy.org. Follow us on Facebook for updates on speakers, announcing more this week!

Topics will include:

Framing and Communicating Social Issues in a Way that Drives Collective Action

Skills for Leading Collaborative Efforts

Deliberative and Collaborative Decision Making

Applying Equity to Collaborative Work

Creating the Space for Community to Drive Change

The Art of Listening in a Divided World

Technology-Based Tools that Faciltate Collaboration

Factoring in Human Centered Design Principles

Collaborative Process/Collective Impact 101


Mark Cabaj of Tamarack Institute, Nita Mosby Tyler of The Equity Project, and Bill Fulton of the Civic Canopy will all be speaking.

Job Opportunity - Vice President (Achieve Palm Beach County)

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Job Opportunity – Vice President (Achieve Palm Beach County)

Achieve Palm Beach County is a collective impact initiative including a broad group of over 170 community leaders from more than 40 partner organizations representing various sectors (e.g., the public school district, local government, nonprofit providers, funders, corporations, and civic and business organizations) focused on improving post-secondary education access and completion for Palm Beach County Students. 

With a strategic plan that serves as a blueprint for the work moving forward, the Achieve PBC partners have defined their vision - that every Palm Beach County high school graduate completes a post-secondary credential within six-years of high school graduation that prepares them for a meaningful career with a sustainable wage.  Further, they’ve defined their mission - as collectively ensuring an integrated and effective system of supports from middle school through post-secondary that empowers students for career success.

The initial focus of work for the partners is on 1) parent engagement and support, 2) post-secondary advising for high school students, 3) FAFSA completion, and 4) scholarships, non-financial, and other supports for post-secondary students.

Through funding from numerous organizations and foundations, Achieve PBC is now ready to hire an executive leader to oversee implementation of this work. 

This position is hosted at the United Way of Palm Beach County, and a position description is attached.

To submit an application for this position, please send resume, cover letter, and salary requirements to: careers@achievepbc.org.

The deadline for applications is March 24, 2017.

Additional information on the initiative is available at www.achievepbc.org.


Culture Matters: Using A Culture of Adaptive Learning to Implement Collective Impact

This article explores how the First 2000 Days Network has used a culture of adaptive learning to implement our Collective Impact initiative.   We share how this approach has impacted our structure, governance, leadership capacity, and shared measurement approach.    Also included are some key considerations for Collective Impact implementors when supporting cultures which value continuous improvement and adaptive learning.

This article is a supplement to our case study "Establishing Pre-Conditions for Systems Change in Early Childhood Development", linked below.

Your comments and feedback welcome!

FREE Webinar about Role of Collective Impact to Reduce Opioid Misuse

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Collective Impact consultancy, Insightformation, Inc., is hosting a free webinar on Monday, Aug. 29th, at 10:00A (CDT). Register here: https://goo.gl/rgRuln



Communities across the country are facing the many challenges of opioid abuse. Opioid-related deaths, and related health and social problems, are rising at an alarming rate. Insightformation offers a strategic template for how a community could address the opioid crisis in way that builds on the experience and plans of other communities.

Participants will learn the value of using a “zoomable strategy map” as a way to organize the details of a multi-faceted strategy that coordinates the efforts of a broad group of stakeholders. The strategy maps also become a framework for measurement and evaluation.

Participants will learn how to start with a template to engage a broad number of organizations. As a result, they can accelerate efforts to rapidly make progress on this important health issue.

Connect with us via Twitter (@IFImpact) before, during, and after the webinar: #reduceopioidabuse. Also, we'll make replays available to those who register.

Equity Leaders Fellowship: Focus on Equity & Excellence in Education

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Are you interested in more effectively integrating equity into your collective impact effort to improve educational outcomes?

Education-Excellence-Equity (E3) and Just Communities are pleased to announce our second annual Equity Implementation Fellows Program. This 14-month program offers knowledge, skills, and tools to leaders of collective impact initiatives that will help them incorporate equity into every aspect of their collective impact effort in ways that produce measurable impact.

See attached PPT overview and application materials.  For questions or more information, contact us at:

Just Communities - Jarrod Schwartz:  jschwartz@just-communities.org

E3 - Dr. JuanCarlos Arauz:  juancarlos@e3ed.org



Measure Partnerships for Impact

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We are two practitioners in the field of collaborative work who, like many of you, want to make a positive contribution to the success of collaboratives that are trying to impact conditions of well-being in their communities.  The following post has been designed to share with you our learnings from the field and our wish is to inspire and motivate you to begin this journey with your groups.  This is a white paper, consisting of 3 distinct parts that examine the value of building, sustaining and measuring the strength and effectiveness of partnerships, resulting in accelerated social impact.

Part 1: Why measuring your collaborative consistently, is an important
process in attaining your impact goals

Part 2: Practical steps on how to measure your collaborative

Part 3: The value in using data about your partnership for your collaborative
growth, stakeholder engagement, sustainability, and
social impact results

Job Opportunity: Executive Director for Project Safety Net

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The City of Palo Alto is seeking applications for a Program Director for Project Safety Net (PSN), a suicide prevention and youth well-being community collaborative. Applications are encouraged from qualified individuals for a highly competent leader who will serve as a multi-year transitional Program Director to lead the PSN Community Collaborative during this formative time. The Program Director will be an experienced individual who can lead a complex community collaborative initiative, serve as a public ambassador for PSN, drive PSN’s internal and external functions—including strategy, communications, community engagement and data functions, and lead the crucial decision making process in determining a “backbone” agency structure that will best support PSN in the short and long term.

For further information about the community, organization, and history about the Project Safety Net Collaborative please click here.

Recruitment Brochure

To apply, please go to: https://www.governmentjobs.com/jobs/1260505/project-safety-net-director/agency/paloaltoca/apply