SAMPLE STORY - Collective Impact Forum

Tell us about your collective impact work. What is the opportunity or challenge that your initiative is addressing? Who has come together as part of the initiative? 

This is a sample story to show you how the feature works. We welcome you to come share your own story and let us know about your experiences from working on collective impact efforts. Through these stories of impact, we all can learn more on how to strengthen our efforts, overcome challenges, and support each other.

What system changes would you point to in the community that have occurred because of the work of your collective impact initiative? (e.g., new systems in place, policy change, behavior change, new ways of working together) 

System changes can come in all shapes and sizes. What have you seen in your community related to your collective impact work?

Has your initiative achieved population-level results? If so, what results have you seen? 

Even if you haven't reached your end-goal yet, what results have you seen so far?

How are the community members’ lives different now because of your initiative? 

So much of our efforts are about working with the community to improve lives and to build a better place where all can thrive and prosper. From the little changes to the big, how have you seen your community grow through these efforts?

What are you proud of related to your collective impact effort? 

Collective impact work isn't easy, and is more marathon than sprint, but often our journeys are dotted with moments that light the way and keep us moving forward. What are you most proud of related to your work? What shines to you as some of your brightest lights of hope, gratitude and inspiration?

Members of the Forum community often learn from hearing about experiences from others. What challenges has your initiative experienced? Are you still grappling with this challenge or have you overcome it? What advice would you give to someone who was experiencing a similar challenge? 

It's sometimes hardest to talk about the "hard stuff," but it's also sometimes what connects us the most, and makes the work the most real and relatable. What have been some of the toughest challenges that you've experienced? What have you learned through these moments?

Is there something that you’ve learned by doing collective impact that surprised you? Something that you hadn’t expected when you started working on your initiative? (e.g., “Wow, this really did take 18 months to come together on an agenda!”) 

We all probably have assumptions when we get into the process of collaborating on big, complex problems together. What surprised you the most from your work?

For someone who is at the beginning of their collective impact journey, what advice would you share with them? (And why?) 

Every day, there's a new person starting out and wondering what to expect. What would you recommend to them from what you've learned so far?

We look forward to reading your stories! To share your own, visit the submission page.