Young Search Partners -Executive Search, has been retained by UNITE Pinellas, a multi-sector partnership of funders, government and private sector leaders, to recruit a dynamic leader to fill the inaugural position of Executive Director.

UNITE Pinellas is a multi-sector (government, community, corporate, faith) and multivariate intervention/ collective impact initiative for large systems and human care inclusive of but not limited to education, health, employment, transportation, housing, built environments, jobs, environment, mental health, and nutritional food access and equity. This group of leaders will commit resources and champion new architectures within our systems to support this transformation over time. The ultimate goal of UNITE Pinellas is that all citizens within Pinellas County will equitably flourish, neighborhood by neighborhood.

UNITE Pinellas vision is about collective inter-sector collaboration to grow healthy communities. This effort stemmed initially from an education crisis that came into community consciousness and then quickly morphed to a stage where funders agreed to support the initiative and then the need to support the work of an experienced and talented inaugural Executive Director.

Executive Search Firm Contact:

Katherine Young- Managing Partner and President- Young Search Partners, LLC

An exceptional position will require an exceptional inaugural Director.  The position will report to an administering agent but will answer to the full UNITE Pinellas Collective and a smaller Operating Council.

In this new role, the Executive Director, UNITE Pinellas, will support the work of the UNITE Pinellas Collective in inaugural design and implementation of a county-wide group of leaders from government, community, faith, and corporate sectors.  The initial year of work will require the director to:

  • Develop and implement a plan advised by the Collective to establish a problem-solving inter-sector process while maximizing the unique cross-sector partnerships to tackle county-wide challenges prioritizing projects and scopes of work;
  • Establish the ways the Collective identifies opportunities to drive impact to improve neighborhoods and communities, and
  • Launch a new group of leaders not typically involved in working across sectors with one another.

The strategic communications, political environment, operations, leadership, and galvanizing of the newly formed Collective will also be the responsibility of the Director.  The Director will work to align the Steering Committee’s vision, develop a work plan, and lead this group’s vision into reality to support achievement of the vision of an equitable Pinellas County. The successful candidate will be skilled at analyzing data to identify trends and overarching themes, convening multi-sector groups and supporting community impact-related programs and skilled in developing a forward-looking perspective on how to steward the UNITE Pinellas vision operationally.

Executive Director- Primary Responsibilities

  • Establish UNITE Pinellas across the county through a strategic communications plan.
  • Seat the UNITE Pinellas Collective to be representative of the various sectors with an integrated orientation plan.
  • Present the Collective with a range of approaches and plans for the first year and establish and implement the operations plan to exceed the collective’s established goals.
  • Seek sustainability and ongoing funding through strategic fundraising that in no way competes with existing entities.
  • Develop a strategic business plan and annual work program for UNITE Pinellas.
  • Present the range of approaches from around the country for the Collective to hear and understand and when possible hold retreats for the collective to dive deep into methodology of how the collective can be most productive.
  • Identify sources for and subsequently assess benchmarking data to shape direction of the plan and any corresponding initiatives.
  • Partner with all existing work in this area including the Tampa Bay Partnership, funder networks, government work groups, child improvement entities, aging adult support, income equity providers, and work on race throughout the county.
  • Establish how racial, income, age, and geography equity can be measured and what goals there may be over time.
  • Drive the development of all marketing and/or public awareness campaigns that may arise from the recommendations of the Collective.