Seeking CI Consultant

Posted 1 year ago at 7:20 pm

Hi All:

I am new to the Forum and looking for a consultant to help my organization skill build on Collective Impact. We are experiencing a very serious suicide issue in our community and are using CI to help respond as a community. I have attached our our RFP and would be appreciative of any recommendations you have for us.


Debi Stewart

partner organization

Hi! Martha Greenway; has just finished a process of getting our Achieve Palm Beach County collective impact on track (after a bit of going around and around); helping us hire an executive director--which we did this summer and we're off! as an aside, Martha was also our school district's consultant who helped our then new superintendent with the first community collaborative strategic plan the district has had in almost 25 years.


good luck!   Debi Stewart, PBC School District


Submitted by Debi Stewart on Thu, 2017-11-30 05:40

Flannery O'Neil

backbone organization

Thank you, Debi! I will look in to them.

Submitted by Flannery O'Neil on Tue, 2017-12-05 12:40

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