Developing Policy Infrastructure

Posted 1 year ago at 4:41 am

Looking for examples of how to set up decision making strcutures in a collaboartive where a number of partners cannot be involved in advocacy for specific policies (mostly state representatives). Looking for viable alternatives that encourage group engagement in policy advocacy while giving an "out" to those who cannot be affiliated with that work. Do you have a seperate backbone for policy, do you structure membership differently? Who decides policy stands and how do you engage others in this work? How do you handle policy disagreements - what venue for that?


Vibe Voetmann

backbone organization

We have had a simalar challenge in our Danish work with Home for All Alliance. We eventually had to change our steering comittee into an advisory board (including those who who cannot be affiliated with our policy work) and I as the leader of the backbone secretariat thus needed a more structured way of making decisions around policy stands.

We have therefore formed an organisation with members, advisory board and a board of dirctors and a secretariat - our model is inspired by the A Way Home in Canada. They have a governance model at their website

Best regards

ms. Vibe Klarup

Director, Home for All Alliance Denmark


Submitted by Vibe Voetmann on Mon, 2017-02-20 09:31

Regina Podhorin

technical assistance provider / consultant

Thanks! Will look into both models.

Regina Podhorin

Submitted by Regina Podhorin on Mon, 2017-02-20 10:07

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