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I'm seeking to develop a communications plan for Get Healthy Camden that can help formalize a system for executive committee members, workgroups and external partners to communicate among each other (to stay in-the-know of what each partner is doing), using any or multiple vehicles. Does anyone have something like this that they can share or able to provide further guidance?


Tracy Timmons-Gray

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Hi, Linda. This is a great question. To help surface thoughts, we shared it to the Forum's Facebook group, and we received a response from the PETER Collective. A copy of their response is below. 

"This is a great question. We have had quite a few discussions on this also - How do we know what each other is doing? How do we share what we're doing with others? - and then everyone goes back to getting on with their job. I think it's more of a behavior shift than a 'output'.

A couple of ways that we are making space for better 'internal' comms:
- at our monthly Strategy Team meeting we provide time for a quick round the table on a relevant question/topic. E.g. What have you done this month to improve your orgs collaborative practice?
- also at these meetings we are taking one priority area e.g. 'Early learning' per month and allowing time for full discussion about what is happening, what's not happening, what needs to happen.
- we use the collaborative online tool Loomio as our formal decision making process. This allows anyone in our team to begin a thread/convo on any topic, and then pose a proposal for approval.
- we send occasional updates to the team via email if there is a need to share info.

Be interested to hear how others are approaching this."

If you would like to follow-up with them, you can find their response on our Facebook page here.

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Liz Weaver

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Hi Linda 

This is a really good question as Tracy noted below and a challenging one to be sure.  

Some CI and collaborative groups have closed spaces on their websites where different partners can post relevant items but this is often challenging if your partners are so busy doing their own work and priorities.  

You can use gatherings to also share information, but this can sometimes take up all the relevant meeting time - so it needs to be managed well.  

Tying communication to collaborative outcomes makes the communication much more purposeful.  It also is an opportunity to help partners stay in touch around what holds them together - the work of the collaborative.  

We developed a tool when I was in Hamilton called the Outcomes Diary - (here is a link to a blog about this tool and the tool itself -  The Outcomes Diary is a systematic way of tracking community change and partner contributions in one simple reporting tool.  

You can set this up online and, on a regular basis, ask your partners to contribute their achievements.  Then, you can pull a smaller group together to review results and engage in sense making around patterns.  

It was amazing how powerful and engaging this tool was for the work I was leading in Hamilton Ontario Canada.  Since then, I have shared the tool with a number of other collective impact efforts, they have used it and found it to be both useful and powerful as well.  

Hope this helps,  I welcome your feedback.  

Liz Weaver, Tamarack Institute 

(For more tools - visit 

Submitted by Liz Weaver on Mon, 2017-08-14 19:09

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