Call for Nominations to Participate in New Collective Impact Research Study

Posted 2 years ago at 11:35 am

Spark Policy Institute and ORS Impact are working together on a study to understand the ways in which collective impact has contributed to results for people and communities across the U.S. and Canada.

As part of this effort, they are seeking nominations of collective impact initiatives to be part of this study.

Do you know a site that would be great for the study? Please see the nomination criteria below. 

Criteria for Initiative Nominations

  • This study will look at mature initiatives that have been using the collective impact approach deeply enough and for long enough to expect to see both systems changes and population-level impacts. ORS and Spark Policy define a mature site as one that is well past the agenda setting and action planning stage, and is at least two years into implementing action together.
  • The research team wants to look at examples of initiatives from across different issue areas (e.g., education, health, economic development, juvenile justice reform, and the environment) and community sizes, including large urban centers, mid-size cities, and rural settings. 

Nominate a Collective Impact Effort

If you know of an initiative that fits the above criteria and could help inform the field’s understanding of collective impact, please click on the following link to nominate a Collective Impact Initiative.

Submit a Nomination

Nomination Deadline: All nominations must be received by end of day Thursday, April 20.

Why is this research important? In a new blog post, Jennifer Splansky Juster (Collective Impact Forum) and Sheri Brady (Aspen Institute Forum for Community Solutions) discuss the background to this new study and why it’s valuable for the field. Read more.

Interested in seeing the results of this study? Spark Policy and ORS look forward to sharing the findings and lessons learned from this study with the field in early 2018.

Have a question about this nomination process or research study? Please contact Julia Roos at Spark Policy.

Submit a Nomination

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