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  • Building a Culture of Collaboration - Collective Impact Summit 2017

    2 months 3 days ago

    Community Discussion|Community Development

    More than ever, we need spaces where diverse perspectives can unite, engage in productive dialogue, and collectively act to solve the complex social issues we face. It is time to offer a more compelling story. A story that challenges the conventional approaches, pushes beyond deep divisions, and doesn't accept fractured communities as the cultural norm. It is time for a story that brings people...

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  • Systems change and Collective Impact are not synonymous (rather Collective Impact is an approach/framework)

    2 months 2 weeks ago

    Community Discussion|Other

    Hi All I have been a part of this forum for several years now, but haven't been active on the forum at all. I was doing some digging around at some of the recent postings.  I came across this upcoming FSG training entitled "Moving from Vision to Implementation: Strategies for Systems Change in Collective Impact" and it raised a ponder I have long had about Collective Impact. To me, Collective...

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  • Teen Pregnancy Shared Measurement

    2 months 3 weeks ago

    Community Discussion|Education and Youth

    Have others developed shared measurements for teen pregnancy prevention initiatives? Our main measure is teen birth rate, which is reported by our state Department of Health (DOH) but only available every two years, and the data is always two years behind the current year.  We do not have a county or city level DOH. We have a modest budget, so we would like to explore possible measures that may...

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  • Collective Impact + Aging initiatives

    3 months 4 days ago

    Community Discussion|Other

    Hello all! I am curious if any or all aware of anyone out there addressing aging issues/creating age-friendly cities using the collective impact model? Please share any resources or links if possible.  Thanks!

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  • A Statement of Values to Guide Philanthropic Collaboration

    3 months 1 week ago

    Community Discussion|Arts and Culture, Community Development, Economic Development, Education and Youth, Employment / Workforce Development, Environment, Health and Nutrition, Homelessness, Opportunity Youth / Disconnected Youth, Other

    The Collective Impact Forum has partnered with several other field-building organizations (see list below) to identify several core values that should guide philanthropic collaboration. These principles were developed and informed by discussions among these partners and other funders and practitioners in the field. We're pleased to share these principles more broadly with the field. A Letter to...

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