Fundraising for Collective Impact Initiative

Posted 1 year ago at 12:30 am

Can someone give guidance in regard to collective impact initiatives and fundraising?

The research I have done points to the importance of funding the backbone organization(s).

How do we create a funding model that not only supports the backbone organization but the agencies that are working just as hard to make this collaboration work? 

Example: I'm part of a collective impact initiative. I have a relationship with a funder who gives my agency $50,000 per year. The collective impact initiative backbone agency is seeking financial support from the same funder.  Has anyone framed up an ask that doesn't hurt the finances of the nonprofit agency while still supporting the backbone agency?

Any guidance?





Ruth Gallagher

backbone organization

This is a really good question! I am currently in the same situation, but from the point of view of the backbone agency- we are just starting out. We are trying to support agencies to come together around a specific topic but don't want to harm any existing funding in place for the other agencies or indeed scupper any opportuntities for further collaborative bids. Any guidnace greatfully recieved

Submitted by Ruth Gallagher on Fri, 2016-12-23 05:30

Teresa Wilke

technical assistance provider / consultant

This is a great question, and one I encounter often as a grants consultant. We will develop a large coalition of partners for a federal opportunity, only to learn that another backbone organization or an ambitious grassroots organization is planning a parallel proposal. It happens, even in the tightest of communities. I always encourage the two teams to come together for a joint proposal, which is often the ultimate result. I think if each of the partners have clear roles and responsibilities, then the funding agency should be able to support both entities with no perception of overlap or duplication. The key will be making sure the funding agency understands the distinctions among the duties / roles of the partnering organizations. It will be important to work with your backbone organization to identify areas that are best addressed by the partner agencies vs. infrastructure that is needed by the backbone. I think even submitting two separate proposals that are clearly coordinated with defined partner roles would strengthen both proposals in the eyes of the funder. Good luck!

Submitted by Teresa Wilke on Mon, 2017-01-09 09:31